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Black & White Waiters

Rather than focusing on providing “Waiters for events” we aim to provide a unique service. This service goes well beyond a person serving you a drink with a smile.

Our commitment is to provide you with someone much more capable and inspired than “a waiter”. Our team members are trained to adapt their style of service and communication to each event and embody the values and character of our clients in order to provide an event experience that guests will never forget.

Yes, our team members tick all the boxes of a perfect waiter: their presentation is impeccable, they know how to communicate and interact at an event, and their skills are second to none. However, passion and inner-motivation can’t be trained – so we model that from the upper levels of management right through to our newest starter. We aim to create experiences – not just serve food and beverage. This is where we make a difference. This is what sets our service apart from the rest.


Mr. Black & White

Mr. Black & White

“Working for highly respected PR and staffing agencies in Sydney made me realise there was a clear gap in the market: High-profile Sydney events needed an agency that was focused on the presentation of service and style by qualified staff. They needed an agency that not only trained staff in the technical aspects of quality service, but in how to make guests feel special to create unique event experiences. Sydney needed Black and White Waiters.”

Alejandro Jara was just 18 years old when he arrived in Australia from his hometown in Caracas, Venezuela and only 23 when he started Black and White Waiters (B&W). Today B&W fiercely competes with some of Sydney’s most established event agencies, gaining respect and market share by giving 110% to every event they are assigned to.

“Every event is an opportunity to show to the market who we are, what we do, and provide them with confidence to recommend us and use us again. We thank every catering company, event company and PR agency who have partnered with us to make the last ten years so successful.



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